Saturday, June 10, 2006

Treasure hunt? Hunting treasure?

Today our fellowship had a treasure hunt. I'm in-charge of it! They have to solve the clues that set according to the shop's name, the things sold, discount...

I had a thought in mind after one group told me that they want to give up of searching clues: This treasure hunt is like a life. There's fast and slow in our life(they walked and ride on monorail-fast and slow); there's ups and downs (they ran up and down to solve the clues); and, you have to find the right way to do things!(they must choose the right way for the answers.) In our life, we have to do alot of decisions! And there is time when we do the wrong decision, and this made us have to use longer time for archieve purposes. Just like the clues that they have to solve, it's symbolising the purposes we have in life. Some of them feel like giving up, just like some people giving up their lifes! Some of them used all the time and it just not enough to solve all the clues; just like some people, before archieving the things that they planned in mind, the time had come to them-die.

This treasure hunt actually give me this kind of thoughts! Praise the Lord! When we had our sharing after the treasure hunt, they shared:
-"I enjoy the process of the treasure hunt. There's also time when made me frustrated because I can't found what I want."
-"I enjoyed it! We archieve the purpose, solve the clues in a group-showed the unity!"
-"My group including one new comers who is only 8. But he didn't made me feel bad but made the whole condition better! The purity of the child made me had a mind that I would like to have more kids and let them come to know our Lord, Jesus Christ!"
Make this comments into life! It just symbolising how life goes! Some enjoy the process; some enjoy the unity among group members...

Later, after sharing among the members, pastor went to the stage and shared some of his thoughts: He said that the treasure hunt can be better if the question set according to "How a christian look on what's happening in TimeSquare?". Did you see the temptation? Dis you see sins committed by others? Did you see the unsaved souls walking in the mall and doing nothing? Did you have a heart of God, look with eyes of God?

Wow, I think this will be far more good than what we've done. However, there's 2nd opporcunity ig God provides!

I learn alot from this treasure hunt. More than what I imagined! Praise the Lord! I had satisfaction when the members said they've enjoyed the whole process! Thank you Lord!


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