Thursday, August 03, 2006

If there's one day...

If there's one day, I'm dead, and you have a chance to talk about me in my funeral ceremony to those audience, what will you talk about?

*Please think it very carefully... do any point that you must tell and not to miss it?

If you did the thinking, thank you. You are not obliged to leave any comment or mail me about it. It just to stimulate your mind.

Another question, sorry if you think i'm really bad to ask but do think about it please!

If there's one day, you dead. Every friend, siblings, parents of yours, have a chance to speak something on the funeral ceremony. What do you think they will say?
  • Your parents: will they say, you are a good son/daughter?
  • Your siblings: will they say, you are a great blessing for them to have you to be their siblings?
  • Your uncle and aunts: will they say, you are respecting elder persons, helpful to them?
  • Your friends, will they say, you have a willing ear to hear them, a helpful hand to help, a great friend to have?

and if you are a christian,

  • Your pastor/rev, will he/she say that you are willing to serve the Lord in the church? being loyal to everything you do?
  • Your elders in the church, will they say that you respect them and help them?
  • Your friends in church, will they say you have a heart for the Lord and do everything for Him?!


  • When the Lord come to you, what will He say to you? Do He ask how many friends you have? or ask how many cash money in your hand or bank? or how many things you have in the house? or how many days you serve in the church or how many service you do? or how many bible version you have? no....

He'll ask,

  • "How many times you spend to help 'a' friend when they're in trouble?"
  • "How many times you spend your money to help somebody in need?"
  • "How many times you invite your friend to your house and serve them greatly?"
  • "How many times you serve Me, with your true heart?"
  • "How many times you praise Me, when you are alone?"
  • "How many times you pray to Me, when you are still in your life, trouble-less?"
  • "How many times you spend time reading my words and understand it well and follow my way, my path?"


Friend, think about it now! What have you done in your life for "xx"years that people will appreciate; or even people does not but God does?

Spend your life carefully, each second, each minute, each hour, each day,each month, each year that God bless! Cos you never know when you leave the world! Repent now since you have time!

If now, something touches you very much, ask you to do something, please do that! DO NOT DELAY! You don't have that much time as you think...



Anonymous Mazzie said...

Nice entry. That one was really worthy of some serious thought, and I always found that part of the Bible which inspired you here very helpful. Hope you're well! God bless you too.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous aihui said...

that was a good one!

and yes, i realy hope to be able to live a life that's of service to God :)

4:18 PM  

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