Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Does the society need God??

Does the society need God??
this was my debate title for this coming sunday.Final round.
"Does the society need God?"

when we talking about this topic, we usually asking ourself,"do we believe in God", "why do you believe in God?"...........and many more...
My debate team are gathered by dif religion of ppl, some buddhist, some christian, and oso some that do not believe in religion....

So, i try to ask myself. Why do i need God??
This question i had ask many years before,and again i have to ask myself.
and the conclusion is, " I am thanksful that I believe in God,although I never saw Him or hear His voice b4,but i can feel His unsellfish and sacrificed LOVE."
Without God, I will never know where i come from, why am I here on this world,and oso where will I go after this life...........
life will be so meaningless when you dunno why u are here.We are just like rushing for a train,but never ask where is the destination.Life so short on this earth,and most of ourtime is sleep, study and doing something wonder ppl say Life is Bored.

During the time on searching more imformation for this title, many ppl said science and God are oftenly oppose each others. but the information told me,many of the great scientist such as Newton,Edison,Gebany.....are all devoted christian, and they say through the science the glory and appearence of God is revealed.In others word,Science is a gift from God for us to explore it, and through it we can know God more.

thank God for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and again, God had strengthen my faith.........Amen!

*Repost from Leon.

Joseph: this is very nice! Christians, be strngthen;non-christian, don't you touched?! May God bless us all!


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