Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A great great example set...

I saw this in a christian magazine. Thought it'll be nice to share with my fellow friends on-line.

Say "No" to Premarital Sex

Dear future son or daughter,

I don’t know how you look like and what to call you yet, but I surely look forward to seeing you live life the way it’s meant to be lived. I’m still a teenager and these are the best years of my life. I want you to enjoy your teenager years too and live it to the fullest in the way God wants you to. There’s this thing called ‘abstinence’ which I want you to learn. Do not let a moment of carelessness spoil a wonderful future God has for you.

Let me set this straight. Sex should happen after marriage. It is a gift from our Father to us to celebrate marriage. It should not be taken lightly or casually, instead it must be treasured. So, save the best for the person whom you love and spend the rest of your life with. It’s a great thing to present yourself as an unopened gift to your loved one. You would want him/her to be a virgin too wouldn’t you? Be careful of what the world says; be smart, and help your friends understand that too. Please keep my words, you’ll never regret.

As I was saying, enjoy your teenage years while you can. The consequences of sex can be life altering and can literally destroy you. Spend your years seeking something else; this is an exciting time where you will discover yourself! Seek God with all your heart and He has lots to show you. Do not fall into the traps of early pregnancy or STD’s. commit to God, and allow Him to help you as you make your DECISIONS.

Sex has its consequences. It can be the most beautiful experience, but if abused, it can be a regrettable decision for the rest of your life. Keep your life and body pure for God and let your wedding night counts! A long-awaited present is the most satisfying one! So, keep yourself pure and abstain from sex before marriage. It will ultimately be one of the best decisions you will ever make!



Dear Rainoa,

Hey, Mommy here! I know you are not born yet, but I have decided to write to you, and hope that this letter can be passed to you when you are in your teenage years. My main purpose in writing this letter is to explain about premarital sex.

Okay, to get to the point, I need to warn you that premarital sex can ruin your dreams, hopes and future. You might get pregnant, and I guarantee that a guy who con you to bed is the worst guy ever, for he is taking away what is most precious to you, your virginity. I do not know what kind of sex diseases will surface in the future but presently, it’s bad enough. Mommy really loves you and will do anything to protect you from all Satan’s works.

Mommy believes what a relationship needs is love (of one’s inner beauty), trust (having faith each other), understanding (accepting each other) and most importantly, respect (the right to abstain from having sex until marriage.) Yup, relationship needs a lot of patience and self-discipline.

I am 18 now, and I have never been involve in a relationship. I think I am really being blessed by God, because He has shielded me from all pains and hurts that come with IMMATURE RELATIONSHIP. Since I was young, I have always had this wish that my first boyfriend will be my bridegroom, walking down the church aisle with me. Isn’t that sweet? You may think it is just a foolish dream but I am working on it, to find your Daddy ‘as God’s will.’

Rain, getting into a relationship after your teenage years is one of the best way to prevent you from premarital sex. It is hard, and sometimes you may get mocked by your peers, but do not despair because God is your Rock. I pray that God will bless your teenage years with happy memories.

I love you!

With love


*Well, how was it? The highlithed ones are those I think very very nice and have to be remembered all times! Though you might not agree some point but I think most of the point, I can accept. I like this one:" save the best for the person whom you love and spend the rest of your life with."

Save the best for the person whom you love! Though we doesn't know who is "he"/"she" but God always provides us the best one at the best time!

Just like a baby. As a parents, you can gift him an unsafe toy cos he might think it is a food to eat and accident happens; you'll give him some soft and safe toy to him right? even the baby wanted the "unsafe toy" very much, right? Only when the boy grow and realise the way to play those toy and have the consiousness that the toys cannot eat, you'll only give it to him, right?

Same case! We aren't mature enough to do something that only adult will do it better. If we want to do it anyway, without listen to God, the one who suffer is yourself!!

Hope this help you and let you learn alot, like i do!
God bless!



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