Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A touch from Holy Spirit...

This afternoon I was on my way to my sister's school to fetch her home. I saw a helmet on the center of the opposite road. At that time, a driver nearly loss control because he realised the helmet slow and by God's grace he safe by didn't knock off the helmet... I continued my way. A small voice tell me to take the helmet away from the road. After thinking and thinking, I decided to make a big round back to the road and find a place to park my car and take the helmet off.

I continue my way to my sister's school. I was thinking: this is the smallest thing but it's also the only thing I can help! There's so many time that I saw cars stopped beside the road putting on his double signal and I was kind of ignore it. That's because I think there's nothing much i can help even I stop myself to go and check out the situation. I didn't have any medical emergency knowledge either, I can't help if there's accident. So, I think I made a good decision today of taking the helmet off.

I tell this story not to "show-off" myself. The main reason is to tell everybody: the community nowadays is very cold. Do something that can show some "warmnest"! Especially to the drivers! If you can fix flat tire, you saw a car can't fix, just drop by and use few minutes to help them out! You never know if the person you help will also help you in another way! But of course, that's not the main reason why you help... Whatever you can do, even it's a small thing to you, it'll benefit much more than you imagine to others!

To christian, you are obliged to help your neighbours! When you are on the road, the drivers that drive through the same way or the drivers beside you, are your neighbours! Jesus asked us to love our neighbours. You are showing love to your neighbours by helping them!

Let us love our neighbours! start today! Don't ever said you have another time. You never know when is the "last time"!


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