Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The story of a white clay and a key...

Chapter 1: Meeting and knowing...

As you can see, this is what I am now...I am Claudine. 2 weeks ago, I was blank, white in color, a clay-strengthened clay...which means I have no use for most of the people... cos I can't be mold anymore... My function was soft and can be mold in any shape and dry and will be as hard as rock... but not anymore...I did't been mold by anyone and time passed, I dried and hard as a stone...ugly with only white in color...

One day, a man come and took me up... He wants to make something DIY... he look at me...I was so shame... 1st, I never been look by anyone for such loong time; 2nd, I'm USELESS!!! Then he took me to his room... He says, "what can I do with this white white thingy? It can't be mold anymore... " I agreed! He looked at me for such long time then he says, "color it? my color finished... what can I do on it?...(hours later...) CARV it!!!"

Oooh! I shouted. No! Carving means that the sharp sharp thing will cut my body and that is HURT! Fortunately, this man is a lazy person... he's too lazy to get a cutter...hahaha... and he says, "cutter will make the whole too big also and I don't have any craft knife!..." Oh, I'm so lucky! haha...

The man saw a key in his drawer. He says, "Oh well, since I have nothing sharp and this key has a little bit sharp point at the end there... well, just try it..." Oh no! "Mr. Key, can you bend your sharp point so that you won't hurt me?" I whisper to the key... And he says, "I have no idea how to bend. I'm hard, just like you, can't bend anyhow..." The man was about to use the key to cut me and he did a cut and says "Wow! It works! Ooh, I gotta have bath 1st...later will come back.."

THAT IS HURT! There's one cut on my body... "Sorry, I can't help you..."Key said. "I'm a useless thingy. I was a key of a cupboard and now no use already cos the cupboard's lock spoiled. Since that day on, I was lying in the drawer and never come out till today...and I was so happy somebody wanted to use me but I actually hurt you...and cutting clay isn't my function also!!! I'm so sorry..."

Wow, Mr. Key is an useless thing also! and abused by this stupid man. I told him my story... We're same kind, in the same boat... we chatted for a long time... and, he suddenly says, "Claudine, how if later I'll hurt you when the stupid fellow back?" Ooh! I never thought of this.. Well, I told him that I have to "ikut nasib" la... though it's hurt...

Minutes later, the man back. He decided to cut a heart shape on me. When he took up Kenny(Mr. Key's name), I saw tears in Kenny's eyes... I have it in my eyes too... and I heard a whisper, "I love you, Claudine..." I was like "Huh?!" and the man cut on my body again... I was sooo hurt... I saw Kenny say something but I can heard it cos it's too hurt...

Though it just few seconds, a brief ugly heart shape on me... It is hurting me so much already... The man stopped and look.. "It is ugly...not beautiful at all.."and started thinking again... "Claudine, how do you feel? Am I making you pain?" Kenny comforted. "Not really(though it is ssooooo painful, I'm not dare to tell him)... but I want to ask you one thing..."

Me: what were you saying when the stupid fellow took you up?
Kenny: erm... I love you?!
Me: But...how? why?
Kenny: I'm not sure... maybe we're so close and in a same situation.. and I have some deep feeling when I know that I have to hurt you though I doesn't mean to be..
Me: Actually I have the same feeling too... ...Oh the man come... Kenny, I love you too! I have you in my heart! so do your best on me!
Kenny: ...alright...(tears) sorry... but i'll do my best to make the best looking heart ever!

The man came... we keep on talking cos Kenny said it might decrease the pain... The man carv me by using Kenny... Harder each time... my speaking tone was up and down as when each time Kenny cut me harder and softer... I saw his tears non stop... He curi-curi wiped away the tears when he near me... I saw it and keeping this in my heart...

Hours and hours and my pain actually decrease... i felt that I'm really in love with him... "DONE! It is so pretty! Im sure _ _ _ _ _ _ will like it" I can't hear who is the name the man said...but I'm pretty?!

Me: Kenny! How am I looking~?!
Kenny: Wow! Nice! But are you still in pain...?
Me: No No! Am I really pretty?
Kenny: Ya! Of course! What for I lie to you? no pain already?

I'm speechless when the man took me up and look at me on the mirror... Wow! I am totally different from what i was! "Kenny! I love you! No pain already! Thanks for your caring..." The man then put us together in the man's drawer... Me and Kenny have sweetest time ever...

One saturday night, the man gave me away to somebody... since that day on, I never see Kenny again.. but i know that, he's always in my heart-the most beautiful heart on me!

"If I had the letters 'hrt', I can add 'ea' and get a 'heart' or a 'u' to get hurt. But I'd rather get 'hurt' than have a 'heart' without 'u'... Kenny, can you hear me?! I'm sure you will..."

*Well... I doesn't plan for a 'love story' at first but I feel that it'll be more interesting if it's so... actually what I really want to bring out is:

1st, Don't look down on yourself! No one in the world created useless by God! Though you might think you don't have any talent now, but it doesn't mean that you don't have any talent later! Like the clay! It doesn't function to be carved but it actually look so nice when it's done!

2nd, in a relationship, both must sacrifice! It might hurt sometimes cos 2 person are diiferent in their own way but both must learn to not making other pain...That is: either change yourself or change others. However, it's hard to change other... in order to "decrease the pain", try to change yourself! Like the key, you can't ask the key to bend but you can use "talking" to decrease and separate concentration on "pain"! Therefore, conversation and communication a relationship also!

Well, God bless you!


Anonymous angela said...

wow!!u're marvelous!!can composed such a long story in such a short time...haha..anyway..it sounded nice to me..good job!!keep it up ya? =)

2:59 PM  
Anonymous aihui said...

waaa..not bad wei!

:) nice illustration ^_^

well done!

4:29 PM  

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