Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What I received?

Passed monday, I was in Pastor Tong's talk. Actually, every monday, I'll be there. I learned aload!

He spoke about when is the preacher first came to China and spread the gospel to chinese. It's in 7th century. There's one place called "Bei Lin Gong" in Xi An. There's one stone in the muzeum which recorded the incident that a group of christian came to China and preach in the palace. So, Buddhism is not the first religion which 1st came to China!

But why Chinese didn't believe in Christianity? because those who preach is white, those who sold opium to them, also white! They refuse the religion that gave/preach by white. and they want to find their own. and they found Budhism...that's why they consider Buddhism as their religion.(and if you know history, Biddhism 1st came from....??? India! Not China also...)

Then Pastor Tong go ahead and talk about why Joseph, a righteous young fellow, who listen to his father's word to bring food to the brothers and sold to Eygyt...That's unfair to him? and he also talked about the incident where Joseph face temptation.

Joseph is the 1st young man, who think properly and draw himself away from temptation! He'll be our role model.

1. Say 'NO' to those who have the higher post then we do. When the lady, Joseph's master's wife, came and tempt him, he say 'NO'! You have to have extra courage to say that!She's somone who higher than you that you should respect...BUT not following blindly!

2. Joseph actually faced many temptation in the same incident, not only sex. First, if Joseph sleep with the lady, the lady will tell her husband that how great this servant is, and may let Joseph gain a higher salary; 2nd, the lady'll oppose him to a higher post.. Addition in our salary and get a higher post, is what the youths today looking for! BUT if the way to gain this, is by doing wrong things, we might have to consider Joseph's way! RUN!

3. He, Joseph, said:"How could I sin against Jehovah, my Lord?!". If he have such a morality so young, can speak this kind of words, where did he learned from? when? It's from Jacob! Since young, Joseph obedient to his father, listen and follow what the father teached him. And, of course that Joseph must also built up his relationship with God closely. Because whenever the Bible speak about "Joseph", there's one phrase following :"Jehovah be with Joseph."

4. A saint is not someone who won't sin, but a man who have a GREAT sensitivity to a small sin! - Kelvin. Joseph is a saint, because he has great sensitivity against "things that his Lord dislike"!

5. Marriage is: Sacrifice yourself; gain/enjoy something from your other half.
婚姻是:一方牺牲自己;一方从你得着。 I gave/sacrifise myself to you, and I gain/enjoy from you.

6. Human, when there's love, then sex;
other creature, there's only sex, no love.

7. Fake love: If I can't love, I hate;
True love: Even I can't get his/her love, I still bless him/her.


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