Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chapter 3: The greatest happiness~!

"Kenny, I missed you this years... though I have so many friends here and there's a guy treat me very well.. But I don't have the same feeling to him... I'm still missing you very much..."

Claudine keep saying this in the past five years...

~~~God really come at the best time..~~~

Kenny met a few girls too... but they just doesn't treat him as Claudine does..though he does grew in the light of God but he feels that he has no gift to be single for God and he desire to build a family...

~~One day, particularly at 30th of September,~~

Kenny's owner carelessly brang Kenny out to a wedding ceremony. Kenny's owner is the pianist of the wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, Kenny's owner go and meet Claudine's owner... Her owner brang her too..

Kenny: CLAUDINE! Is that you?
Claudine: er... KENNY!!! I missed you very much!!!
Kenny: Me too! Claudine, I must tell you this!
Claudine: wat....
Kenny: I love you! Will you marry me?
Claudine: (surprisingly)...
Kenny: I know it's kind of...rush and no time to let you think and...
Claudine: YES!
Kenny: Hah? I can't hear you!
Claudine: YES!!!!!

Kenny's owner gave Kenny to Claudine's owner... and both of them live happily ever after...

*Specially writing for _ _ _ e _ a.


Anonymous aihui said...

haha...okie :p the ending a bit abrupt one ler..but nvm..still a sweet story..

not sure if it has anything to do with real life ^_^

but..hehe..i wil treat it as a story ^_^

good try :p

4:33 PM  

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