Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Switch Blog...

Due to the inconvinience of Blogger, I've change my blog to Multiply which allow me to post blogs, my favorite musics, videos, photos etc.

My new blog address:

Thanks for viewing my blog and wish to see your apprearance in Multiply also. God bless!

Joseph Tan

Mission Impossible...

(007 music...)

"Dude, welcome to the mission impossible world. Press start menu in the camera. (My mom's face pop-up from the camera screen and saying):'Son, I gonna go for a Hi-Tea this sunday-12/11 and you have to take my place as a conductor for the coming choir practice ya?' Please throw the camera away. It'll explode in 30 seconds... Boom!"

I've learned some basic conductor skill...so that's no big problem in conducting... but when the day comes, I've just realise the pianist is not around and the other one is ME! No other pianist know how to play this song... That's how the impossible mission started...

I show them the version that other choir sang. And I correct them in the tuning part...and then we sing with the CD... I thought that's all...I'm done...NO!! Some didn't know their melody well...So I'm like running over to the piano and to the conductor stand like crazy... Luckily I got the wireless mic...if not, I must have fall off...

And, some request to sing with the piano instead of CD because the CD version is too loud, they can't hear what they sing... So, I play the piano, they sing without conductor... wow...that's the worst experience of conducting choir...and playing the piano AT THE SAME TIME!!!

However, I manage to end up the practice beautifully... and that's of course by God's grace and I've learned that I have to force the other pianists to learn the song also just in case the same thing happen again....

Well, fuh...mission accomplish...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wednesday, November 01, 2006



手牵手 Hand-In-Hand

沙漠中的一滴泪化成绿洲的湖水(周华健 林慧萍)
爱永远在你左右(庾澄庆 李心洁)
不要再恐惧绝不要放弃这一切将会度过(张信哲 顺子)
因为你和我才有明天的彩虹(陶子 吴宗宪)
风雨过去那一天悲伤就要停下来(游鸿明 苏芮)
手牵手我的朋友爱永远在你左右(张清芳 范逸臣)
因为你和我才有明天的彩虹(庾澄庆 彭佳慧)
手牵手我的朋友(李汶 麻吉弟弟)
爱永远在你左右(李汶 s.h.e)
爱永远在你左右(周渝民 朱孝天)
手牵手我的朋友爱永远在你左右不要再恐惧也不要放弃这一切将会度过牵着我的手看见明天的彩虹手牵手我的朋友爱永远在你左右手牵手我的朋友(王力宏 陶喆)


Dear all,
I'll keep all my promises,
Like the rainbow in the sky.

Refresh myself everyday to remember what I've promised;
Allow myself to think "How to accomplish the promises";
Ideal way to do all things;
No something that will hurt you;
Be the best of whatever I am;
Open heart to let the receipient receive it gladly;
With a humble heart!

I won't forget what I've made by following those 7 steps that I listed above.

I'm here when you need me!



1. 是时候放下,就不该捉紧不放;

2. 忍一时,风平浪静;

3. 上帝之所以把你最心爱的拿走;

4. 现在没有,不代表以后没有~有些事情,要等待;

5. 珍惜你身边的每个人、每一件事、每一分、每一秒;

6. 该过去的,就让它过去;别活在“过去”里。

7. 学习如何在各种情况,让自己、身边的人,自在。

What I received?

Passed monday, I was in Pastor Tong's talk. Actually, every monday, I'll be there. I learned aload!

He spoke about when is the preacher first came to China and spread the gospel to chinese. It's in 7th century. There's one place called "Bei Lin Gong" in Xi An. There's one stone in the muzeum which recorded the incident that a group of christian came to China and preach in the palace. So, Buddhism is not the first religion which 1st came to China!

But why Chinese didn't believe in Christianity? because those who preach is white, those who sold opium to them, also white! They refuse the religion that gave/preach by white. and they want to find their own. and they found Budhism...that's why they consider Buddhism as their religion.(and if you know history, Biddhism 1st came from....??? India! Not China also...)

Then Pastor Tong go ahead and talk about why Joseph, a righteous young fellow, who listen to his father's word to bring food to the brothers and sold to Eygyt...That's unfair to him? and he also talked about the incident where Joseph face temptation.

Joseph is the 1st young man, who think properly and draw himself away from temptation! He'll be our role model.

1. Say 'NO' to those who have the higher post then we do. When the lady, Joseph's master's wife, came and tempt him, he say 'NO'! You have to have extra courage to say that!She's somone who higher than you that you should respect...BUT not following blindly!

2. Joseph actually faced many temptation in the same incident, not only sex. First, if Joseph sleep with the lady, the lady will tell her husband that how great this servant is, and may let Joseph gain a higher salary; 2nd, the lady'll oppose him to a higher post.. Addition in our salary and get a higher post, is what the youths today looking for! BUT if the way to gain this, is by doing wrong things, we might have to consider Joseph's way! RUN!

3. He, Joseph, said:"How could I sin against Jehovah, my Lord?!". If he have such a morality so young, can speak this kind of words, where did he learned from? when? It's from Jacob! Since young, Joseph obedient to his father, listen and follow what the father teached him. And, of course that Joseph must also built up his relationship with God closely. Because whenever the Bible speak about "Joseph", there's one phrase following :"Jehovah be with Joseph."

4. A saint is not someone who won't sin, but a man who have a GREAT sensitivity to a small sin! - Kelvin. Joseph is a saint, because he has great sensitivity against "things that his Lord dislike"!

5. Marriage is: Sacrifice yourself; gain/enjoy something from your other half.
婚姻是:一方牺牲自己;一方从你得着。 I gave/sacrifise myself to you, and I gain/enjoy from you.

6. Human, when there's love, then sex;
other creature, there's only sex, no love.

7. Fake love: If I can't love, I hate;
True love: Even I can't get his/her love, I still bless him/her.