Monday, June 19, 2006


今早看到一本辅导籍的书-"易动的心". 里面谈到友情的建立与恋爱的真实涵义.



观察期 -> 酝酿期 -> 表白期 -> 浪漫期 -> 冲突期 -> 挣扎期 -> 分手
-> 理解期 -> 再委身 -> 结婚

*非常重要的一点是, 恋爱的最终目的是结婚! 所以, 要开始每段恋情都要好好做决定!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's day...

This morning, evcept that i'm preparing for everything needed for performance, I woke up earlier than usual is because of helping dad in church... but he seems that he had done everything.... haih... There's performances by fathers and sons/daughters today. Though it took more than an hour, took the time for pastor's preeching... but it touches ppl's heart!

Later in the afternoon, I went to New Life church for performance with "clm"(cute little monster). We had quite a long rehearsal before we're going to there. We had a great time during worship and performing. One thing is not good enough: the piano out of tune! But, it's not too serious la...

I had great fun today! Shared our time, music talents, skills with each! hehe... Looking forward for next performance...

Praise the Lord!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Truth is truth, false is false...

Click the link above! This short show is really meaningful. Not only the fact that it against the "da vinci code" thingy, it also bring out an important idea:

"Truth is truth, false is false;
Believe in fase and you'll be gone!"

This statement very important especially to the youths. Youths nowadays didn't know how to recognise what is truth and what is false... And, sometimes, they does know that is truth but they just ignore it! Just like the round fellow said: "Ai ya, doesn't matter la!" Why doesn't matter? Because somebody famous said that? Because everybody is doing that? They some how just following what the trend is. And this is why they've been being blind to truth!

As a response of believing false, "got consequences one"! However, usually people didn't think or just ignore the consequence that might happen!

Therefore, as christian nowadays, we have bible to refer and always have pastors around us. Most importantly, our Lord is always there for us. When your non-christian friends have doubts about truth or false, read the bible and send them a scripture. If you don't know the answer, ask your other christian friends or pastors! Or, you come to God to give you wisdon to find out the answer.

We must love our friends especially the non-c.! Share the gospel and share the love to them, people around you! That is because:

"Jesus is God
Born as man
Die for us and rose again!" HEY!!!!!

Let us keep it up together in the light of God!

Hokkien ooi...

This afternoon I cheered up by a friend of mine who "talk" hokkien in her blog. It is terribly funny. Exactly shown she is Malaysian-Hokkien plus some malay plus some english somemore... Just "great"... haha..

Wa di jit dao, pun o wa eh pengyiu-aihui, gong hokkien ooi di wa eh blog. Hope semua lang eh sai kua and qiu and splutter some zui on his/her computer... hahaha... wa ah sui? Wa o from wa eh pengyiu eh! So, wa xi bu ani sui eh. Actually, depends also... kua xi ha mi lang, ha mi ming gia lo... Gia lit a ho, bo ha mi ming gia bo happy eh! AH! I ce diu wa eh diary liao! I thought wa eh diary ho wa eh baba/mama kua liao but fortunately, no! Fuh....

Ho la, wa ai makan and lian xi wa eh gua liao. Sunday ga wa eh pengyiu u performance. Have to practise something... hehe... Hope you all understand. If not, ask your friend who is a hokkien. Don't have any? Ask me lo... ahhaha..

*Aihui, sorry for o lu eh way to xia wa eh blog. hehe... Bo copyrighted one, right? hahaha...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A bad begining of the day..

I woke up by my dad's call from the church... He spoke to me about things happen in sunday... He want to archieve a "win win" situation, therefore he asked me about details...

I doesn't like to talk about that again but since my dad want to archieve that which is a good thing, I have to repeat the whole story again... Surprisingly, he replied me, the things that I speak and what the other spoke is different...This really made me headache. I told him that I've told him everything I knows! Others, I don't know...

This misunderstanding happen only because lack of conversation and misunderstood to each other. It's not either one's fault. From this incident, I realised that conversation and comprehention are very important in building up relationship, any relationship! "Face to face " conversation played an important role too!

Anyway, though I've learn something from this but I've paid up my mood, my feeling, my concertration to God... I can't do anuything.. properly! Usually, to make a new post, I spent about 10minutes to finish it but this short post took up to 20 minutes!!

Pray for me, my friends! I need strength and wisdom from God!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A touch from Holy Spirit...

This afternoon I was on my way to my sister's school to fetch her home. I saw a helmet on the center of the opposite road. At that time, a driver nearly loss control because he realised the helmet slow and by God's grace he safe by didn't knock off the helmet... I continued my way. A small voice tell me to take the helmet away from the road. After thinking and thinking, I decided to make a big round back to the road and find a place to park my car and take the helmet off.

I continue my way to my sister's school. I was thinking: this is the smallest thing but it's also the only thing I can help! There's so many time that I saw cars stopped beside the road putting on his double signal and I was kind of ignore it. That's because I think there's nothing much i can help even I stop myself to go and check out the situation. I didn't have any medical emergency knowledge either, I can't help if there's accident. So, I think I made a good decision today of taking the helmet off.

I tell this story not to "show-off" myself. The main reason is to tell everybody: the community nowadays is very cold. Do something that can show some "warmnest"! Especially to the drivers! If you can fix flat tire, you saw a car can't fix, just drop by and use few minutes to help them out! You never know if the person you help will also help you in another way! But of course, that's not the main reason why you help... Whatever you can do, even it's a small thing to you, it'll benefit much more than you imagine to others!

To christian, you are obliged to help your neighbours! When you are on the road, the drivers that drive through the same way or the drivers beside you, are your neighbours! Jesus asked us to love our neighbours. You are showing love to your neighbours by helping them!

Let us love our neighbours! start today! Don't ever said you have another time. You never know when is the "last time"!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Daniel Powter - You Had a Bad Day...

"cos you had a bad day,
taking one down,
sing a sad song and just turn it around...
You had a bad day,
You had a bad day."

I think this song popular enough let you know how it sounded.. It always in American Idol elimination section... This song being quite sarcastic... why? Cos you had a bad day, should be sounded sad, right? But the 1st time I heard on tv, I love the melody so much.. To me, it can't be consider as a "sad song" from the melody part...

The chorus lyric sings my yesterday. I had a bad day yesterday. I had some misunderstanding between church member and it made me headache. Taken one down. Sang few sad songs too... I scolded few people which I shouldn't... The day show some colors when come to evening.

I went for rehearsal for father's day event in Khai Ern house. I chilled and had a great time there! We shared music and I had a free violin performance there which is GREAT!!hehe.. I enjoy the time shared with her family too!

Later I went to kepong chinese methodist church with a open-heart. I had my HongKong trip rehearsal there... Enjoyed too! After supper with friends, I reached my home at 11 something. Towards the end of the day, something brought me from heaven to hell! My mom scolded me that I shouldn't scold the children... and many things else... I felt really bad... The only song playing in my mind is: Daniel Powter - You Had a Bad Day...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Treasure hunt? Hunting treasure?

Today our fellowship had a treasure hunt. I'm in-charge of it! They have to solve the clues that set according to the shop's name, the things sold, discount...

I had a thought in mind after one group told me that they want to give up of searching clues: This treasure hunt is like a life. There's fast and slow in our life(they walked and ride on monorail-fast and slow); there's ups and downs (they ran up and down to solve the clues); and, you have to find the right way to do things!(they must choose the right way for the answers.) In our life, we have to do alot of decisions! And there is time when we do the wrong decision, and this made us have to use longer time for archieve purposes. Just like the clues that they have to solve, it's symbolising the purposes we have in life. Some of them feel like giving up, just like some people giving up their lifes! Some of them used all the time and it just not enough to solve all the clues; just like some people, before archieving the things that they planned in mind, the time had come to them-die.

This treasure hunt actually give me this kind of thoughts! Praise the Lord! When we had our sharing after the treasure hunt, they shared:
-"I enjoy the process of the treasure hunt. There's also time when made me frustrated because I can't found what I want."
-"I enjoyed it! We archieve the purpose, solve the clues in a group-showed the unity!"
-"My group including one new comers who is only 8. But he didn't made me feel bad but made the whole condition better! The purity of the child made me had a mind that I would like to have more kids and let them come to know our Lord, Jesus Christ!"
Make this comments into life! It just symbolising how life goes! Some enjoy the process; some enjoy the unity among group members...

Later, after sharing among the members, pastor went to the stage and shared some of his thoughts: He said that the treasure hunt can be better if the question set according to "How a christian look on what's happening in TimeSquare?". Did you see the temptation? Dis you see sins committed by others? Did you see the unsaved souls walking in the mall and doing nothing? Did you have a heart of God, look with eyes of God?

Wow, I think this will be far more good than what we've done. However, there's 2nd opporcunity ig God provides!

I learn alot from this treasure hunt. More than what I imagined! Praise the Lord! I had satisfaction when the members said they've enjoyed the whole process! Thank you Lord!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The last episod of "edexcel exam"!

Today I've done my last paper-economics! Yay! Hoo-ray!! The first paper of econs, ok. very well! The second paper, quite bad... not so good.. The third paper... haih... sad... the worst paper..

Anyway, I've done my best for that! I need to rearrange my life now... I don't know when to continue my piano lesson, when to start work and what work to do... All I know and all I have to do is pray! The only thing I can think of... Friends, pray for me, thank you!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

One man band

This is a pixar featured short film. It is great, funny, and gave me some reminders!

This fellow at the left, named Bass. With himself, he can play the brass instruments-Trumpets, tuba, and some drums; while another dude at the right, named Treble, play the strings instruments and a piano on his side. The music played was really amazing(though it's only an animated cartoon..)! But the reason why they played so hard, is only because to attract and impressed the little girl to offer them a coin.

Well, guess what, the little girl played amazing music with violin! And, bu her touch on the bow and the body of violin, she rewarded a beg of coins. That's the end of the story. (It's not really described clear enough.. for "clearest" view, go to the cinema and watch "cars". They'll present this short film before "cars" start! Don't be late!)

What I've learn from this little short film? That's: For solo, a man, though with amazing skills on different instruments is good; but to make people impressed, focus on one, and play well! That, only impressing people! When there's men with different skills on different instruments, combined and play in a band, not "one man show", that's the impressing ones and the most amazing ones!!!!

For all musician, focus well in one instrument and find yourself a best partner to perform the best to the world! And most importantly, to glorify God's name! Hallelujah!

*to one of my friend: the little girl with great violin skills!
reminded me of one friend of mine! Who? You'll know if you are the one who reading this... hehe... cute little monster.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A great great day!

Yesterday was a great great day! I went to pay a visit to my friend's house! She is Khai Ern, who came back for holiday from her study in US! She's brilliant, right? You never know, her violin skill..."mo dak deng"!!!

She shared her favorite part of the book"Narnia" to me, and i think it really great too! Later, after lunch, I had a violin lesson from her which only focusing on my pose of playing(cos my pose all wrong, obviously...haih... sad...). It was really touch! I finally found that she's right when she said in her mail that learning violin not an easy thing!!!

Then, I went back to my position and she back hers-I played piano, guitar, er-hu and she played violin. She learned guitar and her continuing er-hu lesson from last time(which is last yr), and she's still having correct pose! Clever la! We played some songs and attracted her dad from his bed to the piano's side. He wanted to sing "He" but he needs the lyrics and I promised to send him the lyrics later after homed. Later, he sang some great songs with awesome piano accompanimon by Khai ern! Nice! They are great!!!

We also planned a performance on 18th which is on father's day in the church near to her house. Ah, I just waiting for the day to come! About 5 something, she and her dad have a running to the park and reached some where.. while I accompanying her mom and Bungee walking around. We shared our thoughts of everything that we think of... A great time too!

That was just a great day!!!! I enjoyed the day very much. But, one thing I must say: Happy hours, past fast! Agree? hehe..

Friend, I appreciate what we had and thank God for giving me this friend-you, khai ern! and other friends as welll!!

ps: By the way, Khai Ern is doing a violin recital on 2nd os July! Anyone who is interested, pls leave your comment here and I'll send you details.

Venue:No Black Tie
17 Jln. Mesui
off Jln Nagasari
50200 KL
Time: Start on 6pm, Sunday,2nd of July.
Ticket: RM 40 only! (Japanese dinner served-RM100)

Tell me now! And I'll send you her very own poster! Well-designed!

God bless!